Self Reflection for Coaches with me:my™coach

Intended Audience:

This program is open to all new and developing coaches. Those pursuing or renewing ACC, PCC or MCC credentials with either the International Coach Federation, the EMCC or the AoC may find it of particular value.

Our intention:

To offer a framework for habitual rigorous reflection. Building skills by underpinning coaching competencies. Encouraging commitment to learning throughout the credentialing cycle.

Program Location and Dates:

- Introductory Webinars will be delivered online throughout 2019. The schedule is as follows. The next webinar* is scheduled for the 13th of May (register here), with subsequent webinars* scheduled for the 8th July, 16th September and 18th November - a coach may sign up for a webinar that suits their diary. Webinars will also be advertised via the UK & Irish ICF chapter newsletters and directly by Exceptional Achievement through flyers and social media.

*Webinar fee is £20

- me:my™coach can be accessed online 24/7/365 at the coach's convenience

Learning Objectives:

- An introduction to regular structured reflective learning, ongoing continuing professional development and also coach supervision

- An immersed reflective insight into your coaching conversation through self-reflection through the use of me:my™coach

- Learning and affirmation about your coaching skills through the use of me:my™coach

- A reflective look at any gaps and or areas for development

- Using coaching questions to provoke insights and skills building in the coach

- The expectation of designing actions as a consequence

- Clarity on how your self-reflection informs your wider practice

- Clarity on other ways to access high quality reflection and potential coach supervision

Program Requirements:

- Coaches must actively take part in one, one and a half-hour tutor led webinar, and

- Students must provide two comprehensively completed reflective outputs from me:my™coach to receive a certificate of attendance and completion of CCE Units, this can be achieved by using the 'email your results' feature in the MyAccount area of the tool. Send the results to your email address and then forward them to for certification.


- Both parts must be completed to qualify for CCE Units.

- Attendance for part 1, the webinar, will be monitored by coaches attending the webinar.

- Attendance for part 2 will be monitored by the comprehensively completed submission of two me:my™coach outputs. These will be sent to the Exceptional Achievement team by email.

- Receipt of these will trigger the issue of 1.5 Core Competency CCE Units with a certificate.

CCE Units Program Schedule

Number of hours:

- The total number of hours for this programme is three and a half.

- The tutor lead webinar will be one and a half hours in total

- Each self-reflection via me:my™coach takes up to an hour of reflection (2 hours in total for this part of the program)

Annual Licence:

The intention of this program is to support ongoing reflection and embedding best practice, therefore it is a requirement for certification to have invested in an annual licence for me:my™coach

Please submit two reflections from the My Account area of your registered licence.


Next Steps

- Set up Free Trial or Purchase an Annual Licence incl CCE Units application

- The tutor lead webinar will last one and a half hours (UK time 19.00-20.30)

- Reflection time can be conveniently chosen by the coach 24/7/365. A reflection takes approximately one hour to complete comprehensively. Two of these are required for CCE Units.

- If you have any questions please contact us.