Continuing professional development – for coaches 

me:my™coach is an original idea for you, the coach. It is a space for reflecting on your client coaching sessions, in a powerful conversation with yourself. 

me:my™coach is stimulating and provocative. It gives you a framework to self-reflect, raising the quality and impact of your work. It is a valuable contribution to your continuing professional development and for monitoring best practice.

me:mycoach is resourcing new and more experienced coaches, now

Professional Coaching for Coaching Skills

me:my™ Coach is offering a way of intelligently reflecting on your performance in a coaching conversation. You can now gain Core Competency, CCE Units (Continuing Coach Educations Units) for credentialing with the International Coach Federation (see opposite).

After coach training it is challenging to continually improve on the coaching skills acquired. Understanding for ourselves what went well, what was missing and what might be improved, adds strength to our readiness for professional coaching. It can be daunting to be with our 'live clients' beyond the peer coaching which takes place during coach training. me:my™ Coach offers a method for provoking our insight and accelerating our progress and confidence. A bridge between the training room and the real clients.

For experienced coaches it is seen as best practice to reflect on the client session. Self-reflection is essential for the coach. In professional coaching we ask our clients to engage in self-reflection to successfully achieve their outcomes. Coaches who seek authentic engagement and deepening mastery of their coaching skills may benefit from taking focused time on how the session evolved. me:my™ Coach is a tool for self-supervision which is cost effective and aligns with continuing professional development. This tool is effective in helping a coach focus and prepare well for a session with their professionally qualified supervisor.

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Independent Trial of me:my™ Coach

The evaluated trial is now complete and the pilot group, which consisted of 13 from the organisation's 120 internal coaches, have been using it for a year. Every client of the 120 internal coaches was asked to rank satisfaction of impact, challenge and attainment of goals.

[69% of these clients responded].

The average satisfaction rate across all 120 coaches was 70% for the three areas. The pilot group was significantly ranked between 95% and 99% satisfaction.

The me:my™ Coach framework enabled a learning culture. The pilot group reflected on their practice using me:my™ Coach and it both stretched and validated them in their coaching. They also regularly met as a group to share insights and grow together. They were delighted to have the quality of their work recognised in such a way.