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Use me:my™coach for:

  • Self-coaching, reflecting on a coaching session
  • Building your confidence as a new coach
  • Exploring your performance and refining it
  • Devising options & actions after a challenging session
  • Standing in your client’s shoes, testing their experience
  • Bringing insight and learning with regular check-in

Why use me:mycoach?

Coaching has the capacity to accelerate great performance and is increasingly the development experience of choice. Business now has access to experienced Executive Coaches, Internal Coaches and Managers who are being trained to coach. Coaches need to have impact and be clear and authentic.

  • After coach training, supporting a new coach is vital
  • The coaching relationship can be challenging
  • It may be daunting to be with new clients
  • Developing the skill of reflecting is critical
  • The quality of the coaching relationship is core
  • Gaining confidence is essential for competency
  • me:mycoach uses a coaching method for learning
  • The language and style demonstrate best practice coaching


Contact us to discuss how to set up user licences in your organisation

Benefits of me:mycoach

User benefits

  • Easy in the moment access, at any time
  • High quality reflection and action planning
  • Objective review of challenges provoking fresh solutions
  • Safe, secure environment for working through problems
  • Confidence building and enhanced performance
  • It takes up to sixty minutes, effective and efficient
  • This experience complements coaching supervision


Organisational benefits

  • Brings support to a wide population of coaches
  • Develops a consistent coaching culture
  • Promotes responsibility, accountability and ownership
  • Improves coaching skills for managers / inexperienced coaches
  • This experience complements coaching supervision
  • It is cost-effective and time efficient
  • me:mycoach has global reach, on-line

Licences available for unlimited usage yearly - contact us