An introduction to the originator

Karen Dean is a Master Certified Coach (ICF) and Coach Supervisor. Her passion is for her clients as they travel 'beyond where they dare imagine', in their chosen field.

Karen has delivered over 15,000 hours of one-to-one time with many hundreds of clients, in the UK, Western and Eastern Europe, India, China, Brazil and USA. She is a trained Coach Supervisor and Coach Mentor. Karen holds a Certificate in Coaching Skills which is accredited by the International Coach Federation. She works with her own Executive Coach, is regularly supervised by an accredited Coaching Supervisor and is supported by Business Mentors.

Karen has a vision for ensuring that best practice coaching flourishes, with coaches self-reflecting on their work and authenticity. is her original idea. This innovation is designed to assist new and experienced coaches in their professional practice. me:mycoach is a confidential framework for reflecting on performance in the coaching relationship.

Personal Message from Karen:

"I am passionate about coaching. It works. I also believe in our inherent ability to be self-sufficient and to find our own best answers.

I want to give something back to the coaching profession which has been my inspiration and full time commitment for over twenty years. I remember how hard it was to work with 'real' clients following my coach training. Finding support and continuous learning was vital for me. I am still growing in confidence and deepening the belief in my skills.

My aim was to develop a method for reflective learning. So I have spent six years evolving, refining and validating the model with equally passionate colleagues and clients. My heartfelt thanks goes out to them.

By finding a way of blending emotional intelligence with digital technology, we have been able to create a highly cost-effective framework, which is available at any time. This innovation offers support and personal growth with each visit, keeping the coaching relationships on track, clean and powerful.

me:mycoach encourages the discipline of self-management or self-supervision. Its purpose is in provoking awareness and increasing coaching competency.

Be curious and enjoy!"