What I most valued in my initial experience with this interactive coaching tool was the underlying attitude of respect for the individual which it offered to the user. It didn't tell, advise or instruct. It offered thoughtful, non-judgemental, reflective responses and questions which assumed that, as the client, I am the primary source of insight, choice and power in my life and am the (only) expert on my own experience. I found it easily accessible, not based on 'technique' and intelligently conversational in tone. I value this adult, very accessible approach which is in alignment with the core truths of effective coaching.

Philip Brew, Master Certified Coach
I thought it was really terrific! The site is really easy and logical to navigate and you always know where you are in it. The me:mycoach tool specifically I think is really powerful and though it is clearly built up of automated responses you really feel like the response you get is very personalised. The way you build from Questionnaire through summary output, is truly enlightening and gives you a real experience of insight and growth.

Lochlain Feeley, Managing Director
Elegant and simple to use. This apparent simplicity is a testament to its sophistication. Congratulations on making the complex clear and easy to use. You have Achieved Excellence with this tool.

Deryn Holland, Professional Coach and Trainer
Of all the models that I have read, the complex structure behind this tool is the most crisp. It brings clarity and insight to my Board level relationships, adding structure to my experience, enabling me to think faster and act more effectively.

Jérôme Lecat, CEO, Bizanga

Independent Evaluated Trial

In a year long trial independent trial “client satisfaction increased from an average of 70% to between 95% and 99% when the coach used me:mycoach™ to self-supervise and strengthen the quality of their work.”

100% of those who took part in the evaluated trial said it had been beneficial and relevant to their coaching and that they will continue to use it.

It developed my skill in reflection and deepened my thinking about my own coaching
It’s given me another perspective to add to my own reflections and brought some great insights
It has challenged my coaching style by asking me questions which are original, unique and get me out of my comfort zone
It’s enabled me to store my reflections to support future coaching conversations
It has raised my awareness and encouraged me to be responsible for developing myself (the way other feedback/evaluation models don’t)
Stimulated my thinking
It pushed me to address the core issues in the coaching relationship
It helped me strengthen my relationships with my clients
So valuable I wish I had allocated more time to use it more regularly